Ask An Expert All Your Questions on Baby Products!

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Over the past one and half years that our Baby Matters blog has been up, you have caught some behind the scenes glimpses of how we make products & the people who make these products. We are constantly finding ways to communicate with our consumers whether that is by giving you opportunities to write reviews, post your questions about products, or become part of our parent test group.

To be able to answer more of your questions about baby products, we are starting a monthly Ask An Expert. You will have real time access to one of our experts who specifically works in a certain category of baby products. So if you have been dying to know what is the right stroller for you, what crib mattresses are made of, what are the best products for safe sleeping – you name it – these experts will be ready to answer your questions.

Starting on July 12th from 10:30 -11:30 CST and 1:30 – 2:30 CST our stroller expert and mom of a sweet little toddler, Shannen, will be here to answer any and every question you have on strollers. You can leave questions throughout the day, but know those are the specific times she will be online to answer your questions. It’s easy to participate! You can ask your question is three ways on July 12th:

  1. Leave a comment on the July 12th blog post
  2. Ask via our twitter account @Kolcraft
  3. Ask via our Facebook wall

Shannen is excited to meet you & answer your questions. (We know she’s really smart because we work with her and know you will love her too!)