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Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day:...

There are plenty of odd holidays that mark our calendars every month – from Johnny Appleseed Day, to National Sea Monkey Day, there are infinite opportunities for celebration. Today, however, might be one of our most favorite holidays, since it lets us pull out some of our favorite (and yummy!) recipes. Today we’re celebrating National Chocolate Chip […]

Enter your #MomMoment to win!

Have you had a mom moment yet this week? Maybe it was an unexpected morning hug, or an even more unexpected diaper fiasco. Regardless, parenting is full of precious moments that make us laugh, cry, and feel overjoyed. This is why we’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year with all of your mom moments! Although being […]

The Toddler Project: Cheerios

The Toddler Project is back this month! Cheerios or a similar type of cereal always seems to be in supply in toddler-households; whether for snacking or playing. To be entered to win this month’s prize, all you need to do is reach into your pantry, let your little ones get creative, and submit your craft idea using […]

April Fools Recipe: Eggless Sunny-Side...

Rise and shine – April is here! If you’re looking for a wholesome breakfast this morning, our very own Kolcraft Mom Skye from Real Mom Reviews has an April Fools Day recipe to get the whole family giggling! All you will need to fool your family is some yogurt and halved peaches. How easy is […]