Made With Love: Valentine’s Day Crafts

There are plenty of store-bought Valentine’s Day goodies out there, but we think that the best way to show someone how much you love them is to make something straight from the heart. We have some Valentine’s Day project ideas and a dynamite Valentine’s Day craft, and our Kolcraft Moms have even more great ideas for […]

Kolcraft Mom Approved: Super Bowl Recipes

The weekend is upon us, and it isn’t just any weekend – it’s Super Bowl weekend! For many people they will be cheering on their team and debating Deflategate, but for us, it’s all about the commercials and food. This Sunday is the second largest day for eating, right behind Thanksgiving, so whether you’re attending […]

5 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years celebrations are on their way, and the last thing anyone wants right now is a cold or flu to put a damper on all of the holiday cheer. Traveling through busy airports, or joining the mall holiday shopping madness creates prime opportunities to pick up unwanted germs and knock your entire […]