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DIY Outdoor Kerplunk!

Looking for ways to get your kids outside and away from technology? Make them a giant outdoor version of the game Kerplunk, also known as Shishkaball! The object of the game is to pull out a stick without making the balls drop. Everyone takes a turn pulling a stick out one by one. Then if […]

Kolcraft Mom Monday!

Our Kolcraft Moms have had a super busy week full of fascinating blog posts! Just in case you have missed any of them, here are a couple of our favorites! • Happy Strong Home’s Julie reviewed her kid’s favorite bear themed books in honor of Teddy Bear Picnic Day! We’re Going On a Bear Hunt […]

Sidewalk Splat Painting

If you have kids that LOVE to do crafts and try new things this activity is the right one for you! Homemade chalk/paint is fantastic because it is inexpensive to make, and there are endless ways to play. Materials Needed for this Activity • Party balloons (or water balloons) • A Pumponator (or an old […]

Throwback Thursday: Perler (Hama) Beads

Hama Beads are one of my favorite crafts that I did when I was little. Getting new pegboards and different colored beads used to be the highlight of my day. They are a great craft to do with your child! You can buy Hama Beads at almost any craft store! All you need is beads, […]

4th Trimester Bodies Project, Part II

(Beth, her Mother, and daughter posing for 4th Trimester Bodies Project) Kolcraft: How did your significant other & other family react when you said you wanted to be part of it? Beth: My husband was very supportive of my decision to be a part of this amazing project. When I got the call from Ashlee […]