Back To School Safety Tips

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The school year is already underway, but it’s never too late to go over a few important safety tips with your children.
Phone Number – Make sure your child knows your phone number. If they can’t remember it, write it down, tuck it into their backpack and let them know where it is.
Set Rules – Set safety rules for pick up. Let your child know that only “safe people” will pick them up and have no more than 3 “safe people.” Let you child know who those people are. If different people pick your child up on different days, remind them before they leave the car who is picking them up. Tell them that under no circumstances should they get in a car with a stranger. If a stranger approaches they should run to a teacher, other parent they know, or crossing guard.
Walking – If your child walks to school, make sure you walk the route with them at least once. Tell them to stay away from vacant lots, abandoned buildings, etc. It’s best to have a buddy system where your child walks home with friends or siblings.
School Bus Rules – Make sure your child knows proper safety when exiting a school bus; wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before entering or exiting, look both ways before crossing the street to catch the bus or after leaving it, never run in front of the bus or cross the street directly in front of the bus. It’s hard for the bus driver to see little people when they are that close to the bus.
Labels– Do not put your child’s full name on backpacks, lunch boxes or anything that can be seen when carried. Use initials instead.

What back to school safety rules do you have?