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Books That Help Parents Raise Responsible Kids

We really believe in giving your child a head start to learning and imagination through books. Books can also be a wonderful way to teach your child life lessons through story. We love the Joy Berry books to help teach your child a variety of lessons on:

  • Eating healthy meals
  • Bullying
  • Feeling Afraid
  • Lying
  • Tattling
  • Being Rude
  • And much more

Many of these books come with down-loadable music, printables, parenting tips and read alongs. If you are having a problem teaching your child a lesson or want to prevent certain issues from even starting, check out the Joy Books website. You never know what worlds and lessons a story can open for your child.

What books have you used to teach your child life lessons?

Posted January 25, 2011

by MichelleH


14 Responses

  1. Kerry says:

    I’ve used the bible to teach some easy lessons to my young children.

  2. MichelleH says:

    That’s great Kerry. Sounds like you have found a great way to teach your children life lessons.

  3. Amy Mac says:

    I love the Mama Llama books–they deal with topics like the first day of pre-school and being polite at the store, etc…Good everyday lessons!

  4. Cory says:

    i love this. i think i need this for my kids who have started to lose some manners lately

  5. pattie says:

    My three year old LOVES all of his Joy Berry books. His favorites are the ones that talk about being bossy and being messy.

  6. Angela P says:

    I love books and I am always reviewing books on my blog, The Children’s Nook. I am currently reviewing the book, Confessions of a Former Bully, and I have to say this is a great resource for parents and teachers! It is written in a youthful style that allows you to read it with your kids or students. It gives great insight into the mind of a bully.

  7. Shannon says:

    I’ve been looking for books on this topic, and our library has it! Thank you for sharing this with your readers!

  8. Nicole Koetting says:

    I am excited about looking into the Joy Berry books. I use Love and Logic as much as possible parenting my children.

  9. MichelleH says:

    Aren’t they great Nicole? We love the idea of teaching kids through story.

  10. MichelleH says:

    You are very welcome Shannon. Love that your library has it!

  11. MichelleH says:

    What a great idea to review books. We are heading over to your blog to check it out!
    Thanks for being a fan!

  12. MichelleH says:

    That’s great Pattie. A child’s endorsement of the book is the best endorsement!

  13. MichelleH says:

    They are wonderful books. You can find that online, at the library or your local bookstore. Good luck!

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