Bring Spring Indoors with this Easy Butterfly Craft

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With all of the rain and cold weather we’ve been getting, it’s hard to be able to enjoy spring. But with today’s craft, you can bring a hint of May inside to brighten up your Memorial Day weekend! And what says spring more than butterflies?

Here are the steps to create a stain-glass butterfly, and let you and your child bring the beauty of the outdoors inside:

  1. Design your butterfly wings! Fold the paper in half to create a symmetrical look. We used a white crayon on black construction paper. Or, you can use a template like this one from Mini Eco. Use the side that you drew on as the back of your butterfly. Don’t worry about mess-ups or changing your design – it won’t show in the final product! 
  2. Carefully cut out the butterfly design using scissors or, for parents, an X-Acto knife to cut out the wing design.
  3. Cut strips of tissue paper.
  4. Apply some glue (glue stick works best) to the back of your butterfly and start placing the tissue paper across the wings. Don’t worry if the paper overlaps!
  5. After the back of the butterfly is covered, flip it over and trim the tissue paper.
  6. Hang your butterfly up in a window and turn a rainy or cold day into a colorful spring afternoon!

Did you try this craft at home? Let us know how your butterfly turned out!

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