Butterfly Gardens, Crafts and Activites for Kids

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Spring gives ample opportunities for you to get outdoors with your kids to have fun and learn! In Chicago we are fortunate to have a butterfly garden right in our city! We brought our Kolcraft kids there for a field trip and completed the day with crafts and building our own butterfly garden. Today’s post is all about the butterfly fun you can have with your children!

Butterfly Garden Experience:

  1. Google butterfly gardens in your area. Many zoos or nature centers have them.
  2. Prep your children by talking about butterflys – how they start as a little caterpillar, build a cocoon for a nice nap and when it’s time come out as a beautiful butterfly.
  3. Research butterflys online & assign each child a certain butterfly or certain color butterfly to look for.
  4. Read about what they eat, how they migrate, etc. Tell the kids to see if they observe the butterflys eating, etc. (Most gardens have fruit open where the butterflys will land & eat.)
  5. Bring your children of all ages, even babies. They will love the colors and activity of the butterflys.

Butterfly Craft

Make Your Own Butterfly Garden:

  1. Butterflys love a mix of bright, colorful, strong scented wildflowers and other planted flowers. They especially love day lilies, marigolds, daisies and butterfly bushes. Be kind to caterpillars who will be butterflys and include milkweed and hawthorn.
  2. Butterflys need to drink. Put a shallow pan or birdbath in with your flowers. Soak red or orange sponges in a solution of sugar and water to refresh your little butterfly friends.
  3. Make a little colorful butterfly house where they can hibernate. You can paint and decorate a wood birdhouse with your kids and put it among the flowers.
  4. Spend some time with your kids in your butterfly garden, watching, listening and making friends with your butterflys.

Butterfly Craft:

  1. Grab some colorful tissue and a black pipe cleaner.
  2. Fold the tissue back & forth like an accordion.
  3. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the mid point of the tissue leaving about 2 inches of pipe cleaner on either side forming the body of the butterfly.
  4. Curl the remainder of the pipe cleaner into an antenna.
  5. Fan out the the tissue paper to make the butterfly wings.

Butterflys can be a great way to teach your kids about nature, colors, life cycles and more!


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