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Fun and Easy Ring Toss Craft

Soon enough we will be transitioning from Summer to Fall, so why not take as much advantage of this great weather while we can!? Today we’re showing you how to make a craft that can transition with the weather; use it outside on nice summer days and bring it inside when the cool, fall weather […]

Fun Kids Craft in Time For Shark Week

If you didn’t already know, this week is Shark Week! And today we are doing a Shark Week-inspired kids craft. What you’ll need: – Paper plates – Scissors – Paint/markers – Googly eyes (or just use a marker for the eyes) First, cut out the mouth of your fish. This will end up being their […]

Turn a Memory Into a Fun Gift for the...

Today we wanted to share a fun way to incorporate a memory and picture into your house for your entire family to enjoy. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a set of coasters from my mother with pictures from our trip to Italy. They are something that I use just about every […]

Beat the Heat With These Five Fun Ideas

Here in Chicago the summer heat is in full swing. It’s what we have been waiting for all winter, but with heat advisories and too much sun, this weather can become dangerous for you and your kids very quickly. So in order to stay safe while enjoying the sunny days ahead, here are five outdoor […]