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Colorful Ink Dye Coaster Craft

This week is Macy’s Flower Show, which has got us on a creative and color high! It was so refreshing to be surrounded by so many beautiful plants, especially because there still seems to be snow outside… So in an attempt to bring the beauty of all of the fresh flowers from Macy’s into our […]

Get Crafty with Potato Stamps

There are so many easy crafts that are easy to do with things we have laying around the house, and today we’re showing you one of those easy crafts using paint and potatoes! What you will need: – Potatoes, one potato will make you two stamps – Paper, thick enough to hold the paint and […]

Vacation or Stay-Cation Family...

The canon of Spring Breaks are coming and whether you’re taking your kids on a vacation or making it a week-long stay-cation, we have some tips to make it a memorable and fun time for everyone! First, if you’re still deciding where you want to go, check out Parent’s list of family friendly vacation spots […]