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The Artistic View of A Mom

Some moms approach life with an extra flair for the beautiful. We found Lindaanne to be one of those moms. She is an artist, a designer and a photographer. We were drawn in by her sketches, her clothing line and her sense of beauty so we had to introduce her to our Kolcraft fans. Lindaanne, […]

Mom Fitness

It’s week two of Mom Fitness with Cassandra from Active Moms Club. Her fitness tip this week is perfect for moms who are pregnant and for those who are not! The best part is, you can do Cassandra’s fitness tips anywhere. No fancy gym required! Don’t forget to leave a comment on what you learned […]

Unwanted Parenting Advice

We all have received unwanted parenting advice from parents, friends, co-workers, strangers – you name it. It can really get on your nerves not to mention have you questioning your parenting skills. A few simple tips to help with unwanted parenting advice: It’s about them not you – It’s hard, but try not to take […]