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Being A Good Mom

Do you consider yourself a good mom or do you find yourself nit picking at your faults – what you should have done, and would do if you could have a “do over”.  Maybe for today, we can stop even for 5 minutes and remember all you do and are that makes you a good […]

Motherhood and Parkinson's Disease

We admire those who fight the daily battle against Parkinson’s disease especially those who juggle being moms and dads and the daily impact of this disease. In December of 2010 we met a mom named Brandi who at the time was pregnant while fighting Parkinson’s disease. Pregnancy can take a toll on one’s body especially when you can’t take your medications for a sickness. Brandi handled the entire situation with humor, grace and strength. She now has a beautiful baby boy who joined her family of five.

Mom Moments

Every day is full of those mom moments. You know those little moments of love even amidst the chaos where we know in the depth of our being that motherhood is better than we could have imagined. Sometimes this comes during a night feeding when you get that baby snuggle or when your toddler just […]

Funny Things Your Kid Says

We love how our kids can say funny things that make our mom heart smile and give us a different perspective. Today’s quote is brought to us by 4 year old Sawyer. I think it went: dinosaurs, pilgrims, and then real people. (HA! Somehow pilgrims as people didn’t translate.) What things do your kids say […]