Looking For Indoor Fun?

August 4, 2014

By this point in the summer, you may feel as though you have tried everything to keep your kids busy and make sure that they are also having fun! You
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Social Media Tips for Kids

September 26, 2012

This week is social media week and a good time to remember some safety social media tips for our kids.

Smartphone Parenting Challenge

May 15, 2012

So join us in the smartphone parenting challenge where at least once a day we put down our phones and take a “filler” minute to pay attention to our kids. That “filler” moment will become tomorrow’s precious memory.

Good Night IPad

March 23, 2012

We are huge fans of the popular bedtime book Goodnight Moon but this video of a spin off off Goodnight Moon did make us laugh.

Would You Give Up TV for Your Child?

November 15, 2011

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released recommendations that babies and toddlers should learn from play, not TV or computers. This is news to the 90% of parents who say
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Digital Summer Camps for Kids

June 21, 2011

Today is the official first day of summer (hooray!) and with that often comes camp time for kids! There are all sorts of great summer camps out there. We love
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Mobile Apps for Moms

February 22, 2011

Moms today are on the move. We are juggling schedules, work & home life, school – you name it, we are juggling it. Thankfully technology can give us an extra
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