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Get Ready for Back to School With a DIY...

There’s no better way to get your kids excited for school than to customize their back to school gear! And what’s even better? Something that they can doodle all over, write assignments on, erase and do it all over. What you’ll need for this fun and easy chalkboard notebook is: Chalkboard paint (I used Martha […]

Fun Friday Family Date Night

It can be hard to find family time especially when you have a myriad of different schedules, activities and places to be, but every so often you need to take a break from schedules and have family fun time – a family date night! Family date nights don’t require a lot of money – just […]

Watermelon Craft for Kids

Today is National Watermelon Day and to celebrate this tasty treat, we decided to share an easy-to-make watermelon craft for children. What you will need: White, pink/red and green construction paper Scissors (adult use only unless child can safely use them) Non-toxic glue Non-toxic black marker How to make watermelon craft: Cut the green construction paper […]

Easy Children’s Summer Recipes

Summertime brings outdoor fun and picnics. One easy recipe for children is ants on a log. We love this because it’s healthy, easy and fun! What you will need: celery sticks peanut butter (we are fans of natural peanut butter) raisins Directions: Wash the celery and have an adult cut it into pieces (about 5 […]

Guessing Your Baby’s Eye Color

Will your baby keep the color of his deep brown eyes or baby blues? Only time will tell, but a few clues to wagering the odds. Darker eyes, brown or dark green, most likely will stay dark especially if the mother or father are of a darker complexion. Lighter eyes, blue or gray, often go […]