Celebrating Grandparents Day

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Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap. -Doug Larson

This Sunday we celebrate Grandparents day. Grandparents are those wonderful people who help children learn and love in a very special way. If your child is lucky enough to have a grandparent, here are some ideas of how you can celebrate Grandparent’s Day!

1. Have your child make a card for her grandparent and bring it over. If a card is too difficult for your little one to make, you can have her draw or color a picture.
2. Bake a little treat with your child for his grandparents, bring it over to them and enjoy it together.
3. Bring grandparents some flowers and a smile.
4. Give grandparents a picture of their grandchild in a special frame. You can even make a frame out of foam (bought at your local craft store) that you & your child decorate.
5. Call grandparents and sing them “Happy Grandparents Day” to the tune of Happy Birthday.

How will you be spending Grandparents Day?


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