Celebrating Groundhog Day with Your Kids

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Felipe, the Kolcraft Groundhog, saw his shadow in the blizzard snow!

It’s Groundhog day! If you are anything like us buried in blizzard snow in Chicago, the thought of the groundhog seeing his shadow is too much to take! Nevertheless, you can have fun with your child doing this groundhog craft.

What you will need:

  • One 1 1/2″ Pom-pom – Whatever color you want your groundhog to be
  • Two 10mm pink Pom-poms
  • One 10mm Pom-pom – Whatever color you want your groundhog to be
  • One 5mm Black Pom-pom
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Scrap of White Felt
  • 2 Chenille Stems – Whatever color you want your groundhog to be
  • Craft Glue- only non-toxic glue should be used by children
  • Ruler
  • Scissors – used by adult only

Felipe the groundhog craft

How to make the Groundhog:

  • Cut two 1 1/2″ pieces from one of the chenille stems. Gently bend them both into a circle shape to form the groundhog’s ears.
  • Make the ears for your groundhog by gluing a 5mm pink pom-pom into the center of each chenille stem circle.
  • Glue the two ears in place on the 1- 1/2″ pom-pom (groundhog’s head).
  • Glue the wiggle eyes onto the pom-pom head just below the ears. To make the snout,  glue the 10mm pom-pom onto the face, centered just below the eyes.
  • Glue the 5mm black pom-pom onto the 10mm pom-pom snout to be the groundhog’s nose. Cut a small rectangle out of white felt and glue it in place to be the teeth of your groundhog.
  • To make your groundhog’s arms, start out by cutting a piece of chenille stem about 6″ long. Fold each end in to meet in the center like shown in the top picture here. Then, bend it into a “V“ shape.
  • Use a chenille stem so it sits neatly in your pocket. Start out by folding the uncut chenille stem in half. Hold the 2 ends together and put a generous dab of glue on them. Push the glued ends into the bottom of the groundhog’s head where the neck would be.
  • To finish your groundhog, you need to attach the arms to the body. Place a few drops of glue onto one side of the “V”, near the point. Glue the “V” to the bottom of the groundhog’s head. The top sections of the “V” shape should be under the face to form the arms. Once the glue is completely dry, bend the arms so they are pointing down.

Put groundhog in your pocket & see if he sees his shadow!

One Response to “Celebrating Groundhog Day with Your Kids”

  1. Leslie February 3, 2011 at 12:24 pm #

    Such a cute craft! Thanks for the idea!