Cheese Pizza Recipe for Kids

Cheese Pizza is a coveted food by most kids, whether it’s because of its gooey cheese, or crispy crust, kids are always asking for pizza! And today, would be the day to grant your kid cheese pizza! They can help you create mini Cheese Pizza Faces, using fresh tomato sauce and English muffins take cheese pizza to a whole different level!

For these lovely faces we are going to use English Muffins, but you can do this with any pizza recipe you might have at home as well!

What you need:

  1. English Muffins
  2. Tomato Sauce
  3. Any type of cheese that you and your family enjoy on a pizza
  4. Toppings that will create a face – pepperoni, olives, broccoli, and peppers.

What to do:

  1. Cut the English muffins in half
  2. Put tomato sauce and cheese on top
  3. Apply the face you want
  4. Pop it in the oven
  5. Take out when the cheese looks thoroughly melted
  6. Enjoy!

For the adults, you can try adding basil and using fresh mozzarella for a more sophisticated taste.


Posted September 7, 2012

by MichelleH


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  1. Robyn Galloway says:

    So cute! My kiddos would love to help make these!

  2. Gianna says:

    Those are too cute, my kids would love them.

  3. Maureen says:

    What a CUTE idea! My kids would love these!!!!


  4. Queenstep says:

    Love pizza can’t wait to try these with the kiddos!!!! Never thought to use English muffins!

  5. Debra b says:

    what a great recipe and something they will really like & eat!

  6. Amanda says:

    I’m not a kid and I still love these!

  7. Jennifer Young says:

    These are sooo cute, my girls are going to love making and eating these! Thanks for the idea!!!

  8. Theresa says:

    I can’t wait to do this with our kids! It will be great bonding time!

  9. Ashley Morrissey says:

    Adorable idea! Can’t wait to try it out.

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  10. Karin says:

    Love these, but haven’t made them in a long time. I think my 3-yo will enjoy!

  11. Christina says:

    We just had these last night for dinner! The kids LOVED helping to make them… and then eating them, of coarse!

  12. Jana says:

    My mama made these for us when we wee kids and we LOVED them! I must make them for my daughter.

  13. tiffany c says:

    That is so cute!! my daughter will love this pizza and we’d make the entire face with olives – her favorite!

  14. Christina C says:

    Very creative and cute. I will definitely try these!

  15. Mary O. says:

    I love making these pizzas for my kids. Putting a face on them sounds like a fun idea.

  16. Shannon says:

    This is adorable! I know it will be a hit with the kids!

  17. Jackie s says:

    I going to try this for my picky eater!! They look super easy and yummy

  18. Debra Guillen says:

    These would be so fun and easy to make with the kids and they would love them…they are so cute!

  19. Kortnie says:

    This is such a great idea!!! My son would love to help me make these but he wouldn’t eat them because he’s so picky:(

  20. cynthia layton says:

    my daughter would love theses

  21. Jessica Beard says:

    These are so cute! I love that the kids can help make them.

  22. bill elliott says:

    These look easy to make and since my Grandkids love Pizzia, these would be a hit

  23. Erica C. says:

    I want to eat these too!

  24. Lana says:

    My mom used to make these with us when we were little! It’s also a really fun idea for a party because then kids can top theirs however they want and it doesn’t take long to bake.

  25. Brandy says:

    I never thought to make smiles! I make these all the time! MM…

  26. anne b says:

    Cute idea!

  27. Suzanne says:

    This look super yummy and cute!

  28. Amanda Alvarado says:

    These look so cute and yummy! My dd already loves helping me make regular pizza – I can just imagine how much fun she’d having helping with these!

  29. Lisa says:

    Adorable & delicious looking!

  30. Lisa Brussaly says:

    Adorable and delicious looking!

  31. Carla Garcia says:

    looks yummy! my boys would love to make these

  32. Jay says:

    These are cute! Definitely gonna have to try them with my little one!

  33. Mr Thomas Ticknor says:

    This is a great idea and I think the kids will love to make them.

  34. hminnesota says:

    what a wonderful idea to involve kids. My girls would love them.

  35. Christina Y says:

    Looks yummy and cute! What a great idea!

  36. bradey says:

    These look yummy!

  37. Kim Barney says:

    these are awesome!

  38. Mexican Mommy says:

    Great idea! I’m sure my kids would love them!

  39. Sam Stamp says:

    My cousins and I love making these together :D

  40. Dana says:

    Looks great thank so much for these cute ideas!

  41. Amy W says:

    I have made these before! So fun and simple

  42. Samantha Ewell says:

    I love making these!

  43. Addison Kat says:

    yum! we do these every other week. the kids like to make designs with the toppings and usually they come off after cooking because they like plain cheese pizzas! but at least they’re munching on veggies while they decorate their pizzas@

  44. Bekah says:

    What a great idea!! They are so cute!

  45. Angela Neynaber says:

    This looks so easy to make and my kids will love it.

  46. Jennie Turbeville says:

    I made these as a child and I still make them today! Yummy!!!!

  47. jessica fox says:

    I love these. They look delicious. My son will eat anything if I put a funny face on it. :)

  48. Summer D says:

    These are great! my boys would love them.

  49. christal c w says:

    What a terrific way to get kids to eat healthy. You could put all different kinds of foods on to decorate

  50. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    These look so yummy and easy to make!

  51. Lindsey M says:

    My kids love making their own pizzas – these look really easy too

  52. Jennifer Peaslee says:

    These are so cute! What a great idea!

  53. Laura Unger says:

    These are cute! My son would love making them, and I like that it’s an easy way to add veggies to his diet.

  54. Tanya White says:

    This is a great idea. Now I can get my children to eat their veggies on their favorite food, pizza!

  55. Brenda Elsner says:

    Thanks for the wonderful idea!! My kids will love this!!

  56. kelly says:

    Very cute!

  57. Sabrina says:

    I think these are really fun snacks. Not just for kids. >.>;; I’d make them just for myself lol

  58. Rebecca Orr says:

    I love this idea. My son loves pizza, but sometimes a huge slice is a bit much for him. The proportions of theses are much better for a 5 year old!! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  59. Shawn SHAPIRO says:

    Great article

  60. I’ve been looking for a fun pizza recipe for my kids. Very cute.

  61. veronica sanchez says:

    This is zoo cute can’t wait to try them

  62. Brandi says:

    I can’t wait to make these

  63. leah says:

    looks great!

  64. Giveaway Gal says:

    These look delicious. my son would enjoy making these with me.

  65. These look fun to make. I will try them when my grandchildren visit.

  66. Deborah Wallin says:

    They are so cute, and my boys would enjoy making their own individual small pizzas. I have used hamburger buns before, but not English muffins.

  67. britne says:

    definitely a fun snack I can make with my little sister.

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