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Child Friendly Kitchen Ideas

The fall season brings a change in colors, temperature, and schedules for your family. It also marks the return of new television seasons. While television can give mom time to organize the family dinner, it also can take away time to enjoy with your child. We thought of some fun kitchen activities that will help mom and your child will fully enjoy!

  • Cooking with your child
    There are many opportunities for your child to help you create the family meal. Baby Matters blog has several meals and ideas for families to create and enjoy together. Also, you can arrange your ingredients for your child to pour into a bowl, they can help mash the potatoes, create their own pizza, and be the ultimate taste tester!
  • Organizing your kitchen
    Children love to play with pots and pans, eating utensils, and in your cabinet. Having your child help sort between your spoons and forks, fruits and vegetables, cups and bowls can be a great experience. You can talk about the different purposes of each item and they will feel part of the kitchen experience.
  • Family Place Mats
    While you cook the family meal, set your child up at the table to create place mats for everyone at the table. They can use a large piece of paper and create a themed place mat based on the meal, upcoming holidays, or whatever you dream up!

Do you have any favorite activities for your family in the kitchen?

Posted October 12, 2011

by ColleenF


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  1. Rachel B says:

    I love this post! I try to have the kids in the kitchen with me every time I cook. I takes a little longer, but they love it and they are not picky! They eat whatever we fix. We also have certain drawers ‘on limits’ that they love to play with- tupperware and pans! As for the placemats, that sounds like fun. We will have to try it!!!

  2. Stephanie G says:

    Thanks for the suggestions to involve kids iin the kitchen! I love cooking with my kids, but hadn’t even thought of organizing with them and sorting through all the utensils and kitchen supplies. This would also be the perfect time to clean out those drawers that haven’t been done in a while and get rid of those gadgets that I never really use!

  3. Great Ideas! I have two kids, and I love cooking with them. When your kids are young it doesn’t take one too long to figure out all bottom drawers and cabinets need to be kid friendly. Having mixing bowls and wooden spoons accessible is a must.

  4. I, too, like the idea with “letting” them clean out my cabinets. lol, how fun.

  5. Gretchen E says:

    Thanks for reminding me to relax a little and let the kids (and the kitchen) get messy. Cooking with the kids sounds awesome in theory, but the mess factor spazzes me out! Maybe we’ll try breakfast together this weekend.

  6. Lauren says:

    These are good general ideas. Specifically, I let my 2 year old “help” me whenever possible in the kitchen (if I’m working with something that’s not too hot or sharp) and if I’m working with something that he can’t touch, I give him some bowls with water or beans/rice to stir and pour with.

  7. Lezli says:

    Great ideas for involving the kids in the kitchen. Sometimes I get so caught up in cooking/cleaning, that I tend to encourage them to “go play somewhere else”, but why not involve them in what I’m doing? Thanks for the ideas!

  8. I love this post thanks for sharing it. Will forward it to friends.

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