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Children’s First Aid Kit

No parent ever wants to think about having a medical emergency with their child, but no matter how vigilant you are, your child will get sick and can have an accident. One thing you will always want handy in the car and at home is a child’s first aid kit. You will want the kit to contain medications, “instruments” such as sharp scissors, tweezers and emergency contact numbers of your pediatrician, etc. 

A great resource for suggestions of what to put in your child’s first aid kit can be found at

Do you have an emergency plan or first aid kit for your child?
If so, please share with us what you have included in it.

Posted March 23, 2010

by MichelleH


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  1. I bought a little first aid kit at Target and it’s in my glove box. It just has band aids and alchohol pads in it. I really need to get a better one though!! Babycenter is a really great site too!! I went there all the time while I was pregnant and still go there quite frequently!

  2. admin says:

    Sounds like you are a very prepared mom. Good for you!
    Thanks for visiting our blog. We appreciate your feedback. :)

  3. emergency kit…

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