Create A Safari in Your Own Backyard!

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As summer winds down you may be at the end of your budget, but still wanting to have some fun experiences for your children – especially so you don’t have to hear, “Mom I’m bored!” for the 100th time. Your child’s stuffed animals can be the key to a Safari Adventure in your own backyard!

What you need:
A few stuffed animals that would belong in a jungle. You can use a monkey, elephant, tiger, etc. You can also “fix” up an animal with a paper tail or ears to look like a jungle animal.
A few places outside where you can “stage” the animal. You can put a monkey or tiger in a tree, put an elephant near an “oasis” like a pool or bird bath or a bowl of water you put outside, etc. Let your imagination run wild as you look at your backyard as a landscape for a Safari.
Food that can mimic what that animal would eat. i.e. have a little salad or shredded carrots for when the kids find the giraffe, some rolled up deli meat for when they find the tiger or lion, etc.
A piece of paper where you can map out the safari.

• Go online & grab some fun facts on each animal
• Prepare food for each safari station. Put it in little containers that you can give to your kids as they discover each animal.
• Stage the animals outside in different spots that mimic the animals environment. (i.e. monkey in a tree, etc)
• Make an easy guide to the safari by drawing a little map or a hint as to where the animals are “hiding.”
• Walk through the guide with your children. When they come upon a safari station, read a few fun facts about that animal and give them the food of that animal.

• For a fun food twist, get Pillsbury crescent rolls and shape them into little animal shapes that correspond to the Safari stations. You can also cut out deli meats or cheese with animal cookie cutters.
• Be sure to make a little map/guide to the Safari stations for each child so each feels like they are on the Safari adventure.
• Feel free to dress your part as the Safari guide by putting on a Safari-looking hat or binoculars.
• You can change the theme to a barnyard, forest/woods, etc. depending on what sort of stuffed animals your children have.

Your kids will not only learn fun facts about different animals who live in the jungle, but they will be excited to find their stuffed animals playing a “Safari role”.

Enjoy the squeals of delight and be sure to bring your camera to capture the moment!