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Dad Tip Tuesday: Delivery Room Dos and Don’ts

Your birth partner can be a vital coach to making your labor and delivery go smoothly. A few do’s and don’ts for dads and any birth coach.

The Don’t list:

  1. Don’t go to sleep
  2. Don’t lose it. Take a quick break in the hall to regroup if you need to
  3. Don’t leave on your phone ringer
  4. Don’t whine/complain
  5. Don’t turn on the TV or surf the web if she has not said it’s ok to

The Do list:

  1. Do encourage your partner by telling her how well she is doing
  2. Do try to anticipate her needs by asking her if she needs her back rubbed, does she need ice-chips, etc.
  3. Do make sure the staff knows her wishes and is following them
  4. Do know the emotional & physical signs of labor stages (We strongly recommend Bradley Method books for understanding these phases. They have very clear explanations.)
  5. Do listen to your partner’s needs and help her think through difficult decisions she may need to make during labor.

Do you have any “Delivery Room Don’ts” to add to the list? Share below.

Posted June 28, 2011

by MichelleH


12 Responses

  1. Don’t say here comes a strong one (contraction) or ask how bad it hurts. Also, don’t complain about how hard your hand gets squeezed or how far we dig or nails in;)

  2. MichelleH says:

    Thanks Stephanie! We love your tips!

  3. Tara says:

    Don’t sit and eat in front of her and tell her how good it is.

  4. Steph A says:

    Great tips! I think I’ll have my fiance read this so he can prepare!

  5. Great topic! I know all I wanted has my husbands support during this vulnerable time, good advice :)

  6. Amber Marie Barnett says:

    I definetly agree with these dos and don’ts…luckily my husband did most of these without having to read this. :0)

  7. MichelleH says:

    He sounds like a gem!

  8. MichelleH says:

    Thanks Heather!

  9. MichelleH says:

    Good idea Steph!

  10. MichelleH says:

    Great tip Tara!

  11. Sonya says:

    Do not mention food! Do not mention any surgical details about a previous c-section before going back!
    DO get flowers!!

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