Daily Positive Affirmations for Your Child with Help from Sesame Street

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Sometimes our children hear over and over what they need to improve: listen more, try harder in school, eat their veggies, etc. These are important reminders, but we also need to step back and remind our kids how good, kind, smart, special, fill in the blank____ they are. It’s never too early to start. Even when your baby is small you should get into the habit of daily affirmations. It’s as simple as saying, “John is a beautiful baby”, “Marisa is good at taking naps”, etc. Build this into your daily routine so when your child is older and can understand more, she will feel the benefits of positive affirmations.

We love this video from Sesame Street about positive affirmations. Play it with your child and ask him or her, “What is one thing you like about yourself?” Be sure you add your positive affirmation for your child.