Delivery Room Drama?

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This week, a story has been making its round through the media and getting baby circuits buzzing. The delivery room can be a tense place. But throw in a few in-laws, pushy family members, and over-sharing status updates, and it’s more of a family reunion than it is a sacred moment between Mom, Dad and Baby. Today put out a story asking if giving birth has become a spectator sport and the response from many parents was an overwhelming yes.

We can probably all agree that who is there for the birth of a child should be a choice made by those having said child. But sometimes those wishes aren’t respected. Many of the commenters noted that the only one they wanted in the delivery room was their spouse, but mothers and mother-in-laws barged in anyway. OB GYNs spoke of their experience restraining family members and playing referee. Other women welcomed family members to be part of the birth and were grateful to have them in the room for support.

In an effort to decrease the amount of madness going on in the delivery room, some hospitals have a three-person limit. Whether a woman decides she wants her husband, mother, sister, doula, or even in-laws to be in the room, it’s her choice to pick three.

In the end, it is a personal choice and a preference that depends on each parent. That choice should be respected by all of their loved ones. What do you think? Did you have any spectator drama in your delivery room?

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