DIY Kids Cabbage Patch Halloween Costume

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Every year it seems like people are getting more and more creative when it comes to Halloween costumes. And with this frightful holiday just days away, we thought we would share a few of those costumes to get you in the spirit – or maybe even give you some ideas if you’re still looking for the right costume!

Blog - Lexi Quinlan Halloween DIY
This DIY costume is from Sue and Alexis in Palatine, IL.

Directions for Cabbage Patch Kid Box:

• Find a piece of cardboard large enough to fit over your stroller. Fold it over the front of the stroller creasing it twice. Fasten the cardboard behind the stroller using string or bungee cords.
• Cut a hole in the front of the box so you can see the “doll”.
• Paint the box yellow. We used tempera paint with primer.
• Add a green boarder with construction paper around the cut-out hole.
• Borrow the Cabbage Kids logo from Google Images, print it on regular paper, cut the access paper off and glue the logo to the box.

Directions for Cabbage Patch Kid “Doll”:

• Make or purchase a crochet hat in any color to act as “hair”. Pull long strands of yarn through the crochet hat as pigtails. Leave the hair loose or braid strands together. Fasten ribbons to the ponytails! If you do not know how to crochet, do not worry. I have seen Cabbage Patch hats available for purchase on
• For the outfit – your “doll” can wear just about anything you like! In this dolls case, she simply wore her own patchwork jeans and a wool jacket!”

What is your family dressing up as this year? Send us your creative costumes and we’ll post them on our Facebook or Twitter!

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