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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Craft for Kids

Whether you are Irish or not, this fun St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock craft is a great way to have your child’s hand-print keepsake while celebrating a fun holiday.

What you need:

  1. Green construction paper
  2. Non toxic finger-paint
  3. Non toxic glue
  4. Glitter

What to do:

  1. Paint some finger-paint on your child’s hand or dip their hand in some finger-paint.
  2. Place four hand-prints palms facing same direction on piece of paper.
  3. Draw a line under the shamrock for the stem with a stick of glue.
  4. Poor glitter on the glue & shake excess off over the garbage can.

Posted March 13, 2013

by MichelleH


15 Responses

  1. This is such a cute idea! I love the simplicity of it too.

  2. Hanan says:

    Super cute idea, love it!

  3. natalie nichols says:

    this is a really cute idea!

  4. Laura P says:

    Love this idea! Glitter is always fun with kids… although maybe not the cleaning up part! I don’t like food coloring, so this is a neat way to do somehting for St Patricks day without dying food green!

  5. This is an awesome idea! Another idea we used was repurposing hearts from Valentine’s Day and trace them4 times to make a shamrock. Ok, it wasn’t my idea, but my wife’s…


  6. Molly Bussler says:

    Finally, something fun to do for St. Patrick’s Day!

  7. Ginger G. says:

    Looks like a cute and easy idea! Very festive!

  8. naomi c says:

    this is super easy – and super cute!

  9. Jessica Z says:

    i love this craft idea for young children! Easy but cute!!

  10. Amy says:

    What a cute idea. Will have to try this with the kiddos today!

  11. Molly Bussler says:

    Cute and creative!

  12. Dandi D says:

    This is such a fun idea! Even thought St. Patrick’s Day is over, I think we’ll try it!

  13. Jay M says:

    Cool, easy craft idea, thanks! Won’t work this year, but next year he’ll be old enough to do it.

  14. Lianne says:

    This is pretty adorable. Can’t wait til I have a LO old enough to do it!

  15. Stephanie L. says:

    Love super easy crafts like this that I can do with the playgroup I organize!

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