End the Mom Guilt – Today is 'No Judgment Day'

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Think about it – when was the last time you judged another mom or judged your own parenting skills? Was it this morning at the school drop off? Really, how could that mom let her child out of the house looking like that? Maybe it was yesterday when the mail arrived? Seriously, she sent her holiday cards out already? She has way too much time on her hands! She doesn’t cloth diaper? The horror! Or perhaps like me you ran out of the house with your child in a pink onesie and a “My First Thanksgiving” bib on her, only to arrive at daycare to see the other baby in a cute red and green holiday outfit complete with a hand knit sweater. I started to seriously question my parenting skills because I can’t coordinate an outfit for my child at 5am. So, yes, I judged myself.

No more judging! Ok, baby steps. No more judging for today. Redbook magazine is declaring today “No Judgment Day” in an effort to end mom guilt because judgement and guilt go hand in hand. We applaud this effort and hope that every day can become “No Judgement Day”.

What do you wish moms wouldn’t judge you for? Let us know!