Enjoy Your City's Museums and Arts for Free!

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Most of our cities have museums, theaters and cultural centers housing treasures of art, history, science, nature – you name it. It’s so important to instill in our children a sense of wonder, awe and appreciation for these treasures. It can get pricey though to bring your entire family to a museum, but from July 16-18, Target is footing the bill so your family can enjoy these great attractions!

Check out Target’s Arts and Wonders website, click on your city and the special free or reduced price Target attractions will be listed.

Free is hard to beat so get out and enjoy a day of the arts with your entire family. And don’t forget to bring your Kolcraft stroller in case little feet get tired. 🙂

Thank you Target for making the Arts family accessible!

Will you be participating in Target’s Arts & Wonders event?