Family Night Under the Stars

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August 12th and 13th will give your family a star show that is better than any blockbuster summer movie.  The Perseids begin to rise in early August and meteor showers have their peak activity between August 12 and August 13, 2010. About 80 meteors per hour are expected!

It’s best to go somewhere where there aren’t a lot of city lights. National parks, beaches or campgrounds are a great place to get a good view. If that isn’t possible, just grab a blanket and head out into your back yard – you may not have the darkest conditions for a perfect view but you should be able to see something.

A few tips for watching meteor showers:
• Before the event check online for meteor info so you can answer your children’s questions
• Bring a blanket or comfortable chairs that allow you to easily look up and watch the meteor show
• Make sure you have bug spray to keep away pesty critters
• If you plan on being out for awhile, bring a few snacks
• It most likely will get cooler, so bring a few lightweight jackets just in case family members start to get cold
• Check with your local planetarium to see if they will have any special meteor-viewing events.

Will you and your family be sitting under the stars to watch Mother Nature’s light show?