Firework Safety Tips for a Fun 4th of July

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Tomorrow night most of us will partake in one of the biggest 4th of July traditions: fireworks! Although these signify a fun and exciting holiday, they can pose very big safety threats – especially for children – if not used with caution. Follow these firework safety tips to keep your 4th of July celebrations fun and safe for everyone.

  1. Do not allow young children to handle of use fireworks. Parents should always closely supervise teens if they are using them.
  2. Always have water ready when using fireworks.
  3. Do not try to relight a firework if it does not go off. Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in water before disposing.
  4. Soak all used fireworks in water before throwing them away in an outdoor trashcan.
  5. Sparklers can easily burn a user or bystander, so teach your children not to run or wave them around when in use. Sparklers also stay hot long after they have burnt out, so soak the burnt end in a bucket of water after use.
  6. Do not use “homemade” fireworks.
  7. Read all instructions on fireworks before using them, and make sure they’re legal in your state!

For more tips on fireworks and sparklers, check out and make sure everyone has a great and injury-free 4th of July!

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