Fourth of July Fire Cracker Bows

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Fourth of July is coming up sooner than you think!! We are supposed excited about the approaching holiday. We will be posting a couple of cute crafts to do with your children to prepare for July 4th! This craft is one of my favorites. The Fire Cracker Hair Bows are a great accessory to wear to a parade, party or fireworks!


1. Gather up hair elastics and the ribbon that you want to use. There are great ribbons from The Ribbon Retreat. It is the perfect amount to make an EXTREMELY full hair bow! There are many different patriotic options on The Ribbon Retreat to choose from so pick your favorite!

2. Prepare by cutting the ribbon to your desired length. I would recommend about 7 inches long. Although, it is fun when there is a bit of variety of size and length in these bows.

3. Trim the ends in a cute way if you choose to. You can decide to use Fray Check at this point to seal the edges of the ribbons. They will hold up much better if you do, but you will have to wait for them to dry if you do so.

4. Tie the ribbon or fabric strip in a knot around the elastic. Repeat until the elastic is completely covered!

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