Fun and Easy Ring Toss Craft

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Ring Toss - Play
Soon enough we will be transitioning from Summer to Fall, so why not take as much advantage of this great weather while we can!? Today we’re showing you how to make a craft that can transition with the weather; use it outside on nice summer days and bring it inside when the cool, fall weather starts. With these easy ring toss craft you and your family will have fun all year long!

What you need:
– Toilet paper roll
– Paper plates
– Glue (or markers, paint, etc. if your child wants to decorate it that way)
– Buttons, foam shapes, glitter, sequins, etc.

First, let your child decorate their paper plate and paper roll and then glue the roll to the center of the plate. You might want to trace the circle of where the paper roll will go so they don’t put anything in the way. You can also let them glue the parts together and decorate after. Make sure it’s dry before playing!

Ring Toss - Stand

Next, cut out the center of the rest of your plate (around 3 or 4). Decorate them as well.

Ring Toss - Final

Once all of the pieces are dry, take it outside to play with in the yard and with friends!

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