Fun Ideas for National Bike with Your Child Month

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May is National Bike and Get Outside with your child month and we have a fun activity for you and your kids. Bike riding is not only fun, but a great way to get exercise. These nice Spring days are a perfect opportunity to get outside and bike, but how about making it extra special by having your children decorate their bikes?

  1. Streamers – streamers are a fun, inexpensive way for your child to decorate handlebars and the main frame of his bike with all sorts of colors!
  2. Stickers – Sponge Bob bike? Dora the Explorer bike? Princess bike? Superman bike? Not a problem! Get inexpensive stickers of your child’s favorite character and let her decorate her bike with them. Does her favorite character change weekly? Not a problem because they will peel off easily!
  3. Spray Chalk – want your child to express his personality on his bike without changing the color permanently?  Get some spray chalk. It adheres to metal, but easily washes off with water!

And don’t forget to teach your child bike safety – helmet use, getting off the bike & walking it across the street, etc. We like the tips at the Safe Kids Bicycling and Skating Safety site.

If your child is too small to bike, you can always look into safe bike seat attachments for little kids.

Will you be participating in the National Bike Month?