Fun Kids Craft in Time For Shark Week

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fish craft- final fish

If you didn’t already know, this week is Shark Week! And today we are doing a Shark Week-inspired kids craft.

What you’ll need:
– Paper plates
– Scissors
– Paint/markers
– Googly eyes (or just use a marker for the eyes)

Fish craft- needs

First, cut out the mouth of your fish. This will end up being their tail as well, so don’t throw it out!
Cutting the mouth

Next, paint your fish whatever color you choose. After your child is done painting, set it aside to dry and start working on another one. If you want, you can make an entire school of them!
fish craft- painting

After your fish is dry, glue the cut-out mouth to the other side of the craft- glue 2

Add on the eyes to give it a personality, and repeat with as many more as your child would like to make.
Happy Shark Week!
Happy Shark Week!

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