Fun Peach Party for Children to Celebrate National Peach Month

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August is National Peach Month and what better way to celebrate this yummy fruit than to have a fun-filled Peach Party with your kids. You can even invite over their friends for a real peachy event!

What you will need for the party:

What you will need for the craft:

  • Tissue paper in orange, yellow and pink
  • Non-toxic glue
  • Paper plate
  • Scraps of brown and green paper
  • Scissors (adult use only unless child is able to use safely)

What to do:

Set up an area outside if possible for your peach party. Have a big bowel of washed peaches in the middle of the area where you will hold the peach party. If you want to be really creative you can have several peach dishes for the kids to eat such as:

  1. Peach muffins
  2. Peach cobbler
  3. Blueberry peach parfaits
  4. Peach smoothies
  5. Peach popsicles

Read James and the Giant Peach while the children enjoy their peach snacks. Have everyone clean up from eating their juicy peaches and begin the peach craft.

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Instructions for peach craft:

  1. Tear or cut tissue paper into squares.
  2. Put glue on a portion of the plate (you don’t want to put it on the whole plate because it may dry by the time your child gets to decorating that side of the plate).
  3. Put the colored tissue all over the paper plate that has glue on it. Once finished, put more glue on plate & then put down more tissue paper.
  4. Cut out a small rectangle of brown paper for peach stem.
  5. Cut out leaves with the green paper.
  6. Attach stem and leaves to top of peach.
  7. Leave to dry.
  8. When the plate is dry trim any rough edges.

Fun Facts about peaches to share with kids:

  1. Peaches are a fruit that grow on trees.
  2. Georgia is known as the peach state.
  3. California, however, provides half the world’s supply of peaches.
  4. Peaches are believed to be native to China.
  5. Peaches are a good source of fiber and vitamin C.