Get Crafty This Winter With Some Paper Snowflakes!

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Final 2
Paper snowflakes used to be on everyone’s must-do list for the winter when they were little. They’d hang around the house or in windows, each one as different and unique as the actual snowflakes falling outside. Well, we’re bringing this craft back for you to share with your family! Making your own snowflakes always add something fun and special to the house during the holiday season!

you’re going to need some paper, whether you want to use colored paper is completely up to you. You’ll also need scissors, string, and if you get into it like we did, maybe some glue, paint, glitter or any other kind of decoration!

First, fold your piece of paper into a square, as seen below. Cut off the piece so that when you unfold your paper it is in a square. Fold 1Fold 2 - Square

Second, fold your square back into a triangle. Take one corner to the other to fold it into another triange.
Fold 3

And then fold that triangle again, from one corner to the other, to create another triangle. Make sure to keep track of where your center is.
Fold 4

After all of the folding is done, start cutting out shapes on all three sides.

Our Kolcraft kids free-handed their designs, but you can find plenty of templates on Pinterest.

Once you’re all finished cutting out your snowflakes, feel free to decorate them and hang them when they’re done!

Give them a try at home and let us know how they turned out! We would love to see a picture of your snowflake creations on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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