Get Crafty with Potato Stamps

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photo 1

There are so many easy crafts that are easy to do with things we have laying around the house, and today we’re showing you one of those easy crafts using paint and potatoes!

What you will need:
– Potatoes, one potato will make you two stamps
– Paper, thick enough to hold the paint and not curl (we used watercolor paper, but some card stock would work, too)
– Paint
– Pen & paper to trace your stamps
– Knife (a craft knife would work best)
– A paint-safe work space

Step one: Cut a potato in half. Trace your stamp onto a piece of paper. Cut out your shape and lay it over the cut side of your potato. Trace the shape.

photo 6

Step two: Carve your shape by cutting away along the sides.

photo 5

Step three: Set up an easel for your kids and let them dip their stamp into the paint and create their picture!

photo 4

photo 2

Let your kids get as creative and artistic as they want. These pictures make for great refrigerator or framed art!

What other household items can you make into a craft project? Let us know on here, Facebook or Twitter!

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