Get Ready for Back to School With a DIY Chalkboard Notebook!

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There’s no better way to get your kids excited for school than to customize their back to school gear! And what’s even better? Something that they can doodle all over, write assignments on, erase and do it all over. What you’ll need for this fun and easy chalkboard notebook is:


– Chalkboard paint (I used Martha Stewart’s since it’s easy to find in almost any craft store)
– Composition notebook
– Paintbrush
– Chalk

Paint a layer of chalkboard paint onto the cover of the notebook. You might want to put a piece of paper between the cover and the pages so you don’t get paint on the edges and they end up sticking together.


Let it sit and dry. We needed about two-three coats to cover the original design on the composition notebook. Once it’s covered, let dry for at least one hour before drawing on it.

final project

Once it is fully dry, let your kids design whatever they would like. Whether they write their name, class schedule or just doodle, let them get creative and excited to use it when they get back into a classroom!

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