Got Twins with Tandems?

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Are you a mommy of multiples? If so you have had twice (or triple or more!) the diapers, the feedings and the love! And perhaps one day your twins will go to the Twinsday Festival  in Twinsburg, OH and enjoy the games, activities, “theme outfit” contests and more!  Until then, you are the one picking out their cute outfits and bringing them from place to place. A tandem stroller is a must have for parents on the move with twins!

Kolcraft has been making a mark in the tandem stroller line from our affordable Universal Express Rider at only $139.99 to our Contours Tandem strollers that give you style and options to turn strolling time into bonding time to our Jeep Tandems complete with toy features and our Jeep double umbrella stroller. There are so many to choose from to fit your needs.

Check out our stroller pages and let us know if you have any questions. We will be sure to help you find the right stroller for your needs!