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Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday time brings family, fun, food and some holiday hazards if you aren’t careful. A few tips to protect your baby from common holiday hazards.

  1. Those pretty trees with all their lights and shiny ornaments are eye catches for baby. She will want to pull up on the tree, grab the ornaments or lights which an lead to a toppled tree, burnt little hands (yes, those holiday lights get hot) or a fistful of ornament shrapnel. Be sure to supervise baby with extra care when she is around the tree.
  2. Who doesn’t love the beauty of candles and Menorahs? Be sure to set them up high even when they are not lit, because the wax can contain toxins that can be swallowed. Also remember to keep candy dishes and miniature nativity sets out of baby’s reach.
  3. All those bows and  ribbons make gifts extra beautiful, but they can pose strangulation or choking hazards.  Be sure to have a garbage bag nearby so you can throw away wrapping paper, bows and ribbons as soon as presents are opened.

What holiday safety tips do you have?

    Posted December 14, 2010

    by MichelleH


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    1. Dee says:

      We keep all gifts away until Christmas eves so that the little ones do not open something not child safe on the sly and the dog does not smell out any chocolate.

    2. AnnD says:

      I didn’t know that lights could burn! Thanks for the tip! Our 13 month has shown little interest in the tree, but I think I’ll block him from it anyway!

    3. Charisma says:

      buying the shatterproof or plastic bulbs instead of the glass ones are also a real help.

    4. MichelleH says:

      Great tip Charisma!

    5. MichelleH says:

      Good idea Ann! yes if you leave your tree on for hours upon hours like I tend to do, they can get quite hot.

    6. MichelleH says:

      The wisdom of experience! Thanks Dee!

    7. Rachel D. says:

      Make sure that your child can’t get to your tree plug/outlet. My son loves the Christmas tree lights and last year he was only 18 monhts old and always trying to plug the lights in. That’s very dangerous so this year we positioned it to where he can’t get it.
      Also, make sure not to have small ornaments on the bottom of the tree…I have found that dogs are also very curious over the tree and they can swallow small ornaments.

    8. MamaHen says:

      No mistletoe! I can see how a baby or toddler would be very attracted to it.

    9. Jennifer H says:

      good idea about #3

    10. MichelleH says:

      Thank you Jennifer!

    11. MichelleH says:

      Good tip MamaHen!

    12. MichelleH says:

      WONDERFUL holiday safety tips Rachel. Thank you!

    13. HeatherM says:

      great tips! my daughter is the only reason i’m not terrible upset that we’re not doing a big tree this year. we just decorated our little potted plant with bows. but next year we’ll have more room for a tree so i’ll have to keep these tips in mind!

    14. Laura says:

      We make sure the tree always has plenty of water to help prevent fires

    15. Stefanie B. says:

      We have concentrated time for our little boy to sit with us and enjoy looking at the tree and all the presents under it so he can enjoy it and be curious with our supervision. After a while he loses interest and doesn’t try to go explore by it later.

    16. MichelleH says:

      That is a great tip!
      Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    17. MichelleH says:

      That is a very important tip Laura. Thanks for reminding us!

    18. MichelleH says:

      We are sure your potted plant is lovely. Look at the Charlie Brown tree – it has become a favorite little tree of millions. :)

    19. Brandi Elam says:

      I saw a picture posted by a mom on Facebook last week – her baby had swallowed a metal ornament hook (she is okay, but had to have it removed). Scary! We have plastic ornament hooks but just using ribbon would probably be best.

    20. MichelleH says:

      Great tip Brandi! We didn’t think of that one!

    21. Susan C says:

      Thanks for the tips. My main tip is to keep your tree watered or buy a fake one to reduce the risk of fire.

    22. Jennifer M says:

      We make sure that if we put breakable ornaments on the tree that we put them only on the higher branches.

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