How To Protect Your Child from Being Left In A Hot Car

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To date there have been 28 deaths in 2010 of children due to hyperthermia (heat stroke) from being left in hot vehicles. This tragedy happens for a number of reasons from caretakers being preoccupied and forgetting, to children playing in cars and getting locked in. As the weather only promises to get hotter, this Tip Tuesday we want to look at a few tips to keep in mind that can help prevent this tragedy from occurring with your child.

• Never leave your child alone in a car even if you are running a “quick” errand. Cars can heat up to over 20 degrees of the temperature outside in a matter of minutes.
• Put a large doll or teddy bear in your child’s car seat when not in use so that when you do put your child in the car seat, you put the doll in the front seat next to you as a visual reminder that your child is in the back seat.
• Put your briefcase, lunch or purse on the floor near the back seat so you are forced to go to the back seat and see your child when you leave your car.
• Lock your car when it is not in use. Your car is a great hiding spot for kids playing hide and seek. They can easily get locked in your car and overheat.
• Hide your car keys so your child cannot find them & accidentally lock himself inside it.
• Make sure anyone who watches your child knows these tips and follows them.
• If you see a child left alone in a car, be proactive and call 911. Your call could save a child from hyperthermia.

What tips do you have to help prevent hyperthermia?

One Response to “How To Protect Your Child from Being Left In A Hot Car”

  1. wrisita williams January 22, 2013 at 5:43 am #

    good information….parents should follow this instruction very carefully for protect our children…we should more and more careful for our children to avoiding hyperthermia from car heat…
    child safety