Is the tooth fairy real?

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Of course she is…no doubt about it! If you want your child to have good oral care, starting early and making it fun will go a long way. No better way to ensure the Fairy’s existence than honoring her (or him) on National Tooth Fairy Day on August 22nd.


We were delighted to  recently see K, daughter to fellow mom and former Kolcraft colleague, Michelle, smiling it up in the dentist’s chair. Most of our readers know that Michelle made the decision to stay home with her girls and we see the dentist was one of her first stops. K’s oh-so lovely Blackhawks tutu is perfect for her visit and we love that she has developed her mom’s sense of sports enthusiasm and fashion. Way to go Michelle!


Michelle was actually the first one to bring our attention to the Tooth Fairy’s big day when she posted about National Tooth Fairy Day with crafts for kids. Many readers found the tips fun and helpful so we thought we would serve up a few more ideas for little ones this this year.


1. Best fairy reads. One of our favorite Tooth Fairy books is Silverlicious by Victoria Kann. The star character, Pinkalicious, loses a tooth only to discover it’s her sweet tooth. Horrors! Visits from the Cupid, Easter Bunny, and others follow as Pinkalicious learns what sweetness really is.


2. Fun games and activities. Delta Dental offers up a great site with fun word scrambles and other activities that parents can download and print. Take it From the Tooth Fairy: Fun Tips for Healthy Teeth.


3. Believe in magic. What you leave won’t matter, it’s the thought that counts. A little cash, book, small toy  the magic of the moment is what makes it fun. A Tooth Receipt like the one from Oh My Gluestick can mark the event, kids will love the proof of the tooth fairy’s existence.


4. Tips for good health. To help develop good habits, parents should begin brushing teeth with a soft brush and water only when first teeth appear, usually about age 1. This is also about the time you should schedule your first official pediatric dentist visit. Around age 2, you can start adding a small drop of tooth paste to the soft brush. Even when they are old enough to do it on their own, you should still supervise until they are about 6 to make sure the teeth are properly cared for.


5. Caught in the act. Did your child see you sneak a hand under the pillow? Never fear…children should be told that the tooth fairy always takes the form of someone they love (mom, dad, grandparent, or uncle) so they don’t get scared if they wake up to find a strange fairy in the room.


Last but not least,hears hoping the Tooth Fairy saves those precious pearly whites for a future date. Even if they don’t make it to the memory book, they work great for school science projects later in life!


Happy National Tooth Fairy Day and thanks to Michelle and K for inspiring us. 🙂

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