It's Mom Monday!

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Today’s Mom Monday brings us Megan from Newly Wed, Newly Bred blog. She is mom to the ever-so-cute “Chunky Monkey.” We enjoyed having the chance to catch up with Megan and get a glimpse into her life as a SAHM.

Your blog name, Newly Wed, Newly Bred captures a whirlwind year in your life. Do you feel like your first year of marriage & motherhood has been a bit of a roller coaster?

Yes, definitely! We were married on 10/27/07, and Carson was born 10/27/08!! So, our first anniversary was celebrated on an OR table, welcoming 11lbs 3oz of hugeness into our family! Our first year of marriage was SO focused on the pregnancy, because I had a high risk/difficult pregnancy. We definitely jumped right into parenthood. I guess that means less time was focused on our marriage, but it has absolutely been the right choice for us!

What has been the biggest change for you as a SAHM?

I think the staying at home part! It’s strange not having to set an alarm, have to get up and prepare for a day at work. Well, I guess I do, but I’ve never had a job where sweatpants and a spit up stained t shirt is the appropriate apparel! Once you get past the sleep deprived newborn days, you have to find a routine that works for you. For me, not having other adult interaction was really challenging. That is probably the biggest reason I started my blog. I felt like I needed to be able to interact with other adults, and other Moms, especially. I mean come on, when you get the babe up in the morning and find your hubby has put his cloth diaper on BACKWARDS, you really want somebody to tell the story to, you know?

As “Chunky Monkey” heads into toddlerhood, how would you say your style of parenting is changing?

I think parenting is an ever evolving process. You go into it with all the ideas of how you will and won’t raise that impending bundle of joy. And then that tiny, bald, screaming dictator takes over your world, and you do what you have to, to ensure he or she is happy. Or, what keeps YOU happy. I always said I would never keep the baby in our room long. He had a room, he could sleep there. We had a monitor, he’d be fine! Fast forward four and a half months, and I shed some tears as he spent his first night ever in his crib!

Toddlerhood is more of the same…. A treacherous tight rope walk of choices and decisions that you are forced to make in split seconds. You hope your choices will result in a happy well adjusted kid, but in the back of your mind you are always wondering if taking away (insert whatever they shouldn’t be eating/throwing/playing with) and making them cry will turn them into the next Ted Bundy of the world!

Luckily, toddlerhood is filled with much more giggles, smiles and kisses for Mama, so when you are just POSITIVE you have scarred them for life, they turn around and let you know that you aren’t doing such a shabby job after all!

Any advice for newlyweds who want to start a family within their first year of marriage?

Be sure you are happy and adjusted as a couple, before you add a new person to the mix! We were extremely lucky, and we were happy and well adjusted. We sort of did things backwards… dated and moved in together, then built our house together, got settled in and THEN got engaged and married. By that time, we had spent a lot of time as a couple, and knew what we wanted. Do what works for you, regardless of what others say.

Oh, and be prepared to spend your first anniversary as big as a house, splayed out on an OR table!! It’s ok though, somebody can sneak in a bottle of champagne, and you can still celebrate in style!

Now for a quick glance into Megan’s life. 🙂

What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas, hands down! It’s actually the lead up TO Christmas. The snow outside, picking out and decorating the tree, watching Christmas specials on TV. I love all of it!

What is something “Chunky Monkey” does that makes you laugh? I swear he does something new every day that makes me laugh! He is a climber, which always results in a mini stroke and a laugh simultaneously. If things get quiet, I know to go look for him, and I can usually find him with his cowboy hat on his head, guitar in hand, dancing on top of the coffee or dining room tables!

What’s your favorite “no-fuss” meal that you fall back on when things are really hectic? Uh, would the answer your looking for be Jimmy Johns? I won’t lie. When it’s crazy or hectic, we order out! You can’t get much easier than punching in a phone number and ordering a number 8 and a number 12!

What is your guilty pleasure? Teen shows that I am WAAAY too old for, like ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I mean… really? I’ll be 30 years old in less than a month, and yet I am more than happy to curl up with some Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby and waste an hour of my life watching stuff like that!

It’s been great getting to know you Megan. Thanks for sharing your insights with  us!

*Photo credit  Dusek Photography