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J Is for Jeep Twitter Fitness Party


Have kids? Want to get in shape? Ready to be out enjoying the summer? Join us for our J is for Jeep Twitter Fitness Party!

What? Win a J is for Jeep jogging stroller, connect with other parents, and hear from fitness experts how to stay fit and healthy with your family!

When? Tuesday, August 7 from 11 am until noon CST.

Where? On Twitter! No need to RSVP, just come to the party by following @Kolcraft on Twitter and using hastag #JisJeep.

What you can win:

A few of the MANY features we love about the J is for Jeep Jogging stroller!

  1. iBaby sound system for music on the move
  2. Air filled tires
  3. Forward locking swivel wheel
  4. Shock absorbing suspension
  5. Reclining seat

Hope you can join us for the party!



Posted August 2, 2012

by MichelleH


57 Responses

  1. Arthur Caudill says:

    I will try to attend, my daughter would love and really needs this, after the baby, I think that she is feeling a little out of shape, it would do her wonders to be able to get out with the baby and feel good about herself again. Thank you – Twitter ID- @maybedonnie2

  2. Erica C. says:

    That green color is great too!

  3. Fun, fun, fun…tweet with you then!

  4. Chelsea says:

    Ooh, I love Twitter parties. Hope I can make this one.

  5. Whitney says:

    I am so glad A Mom’s Balancing Act told me about this Twitter party! I can’t wait to come! The J is for Jeep stroller looks perfect for my sons!

  6. Beth says:

    Love the new stroller! I’ll definitely be there!

  7. Cristen C says:

    This sounds so fun!

  8. samyra says:

    the canopy on this is amazing

  9. I will be attending for sure.

  10. Trisha B says:

    I will try my hardest to make!!!

  11. D Schmidt says:

    This looks like so much fun and I will certainly be there!

  12. Brianne C. says:

    I can’t wait for this party! I’m pregnant and excited to learn more about Jeep strollers. :-) @bcherry82

  13. Angie says:

    Love this jeep stroller. so many features

  14. @sweetmatcha says:

    sounds fun, can’t wait!

  15. lana says:

    Great stroller and would be awesome to use during running.

  16. Would LOVE to win this jogging stroller!! Can’t wait to be a part of the fun!


  17. Michelle Stice says:

    Love Love Love it! I have been checking out jogging strollers lately because I really need one to start walking and jogging again to get in better shape.

  18. Jenna Parsons says:

    I will be there!!! @jennaandenvy

  19. [...] TWITTER PARTY: Chat with us and have a chance to win a new J is for Jeep stroller! Date: TODAY, August 7, 2012 Time: 12 noon EST Hashtag: #JisJeep No RSVP required. See complete details here. [...]

  20. holly says:

    I love the color!!! I need one of these!!! I will be there.

  21. Molly Bussler says:

    RSVP @mollydo2

  22. kelly nicholson says:

    great fitness routine,and the little tyke get some fresh air

  23. Tiffany Hogan says:

    Love this stroller! It would be great to use with my girls! And LOVE the color!

  24. Barb P. says:

    Beautiful stroller &it is compatible to many car seats :)

  25. Jenn Sibiga says:

    The iBaby surround sound sounds ingenious! :) Would love to win one!

  26. Jennifer says:

    I love our jeep stroller! Would love to get a jogging one though. :)

  27. Marci Campbell says:

    What an awesome stroller! I’m in the market for one right now!

  28. Jill Hoffmeyer-Hill says:

    This stroller looks so fun! I really want one! :)

  29. brittany says:

    im excited

  30. Jackie s says:

    I love that the seat a recline and the canopy is very large. Ive been on the lookout for a great jogging stroller.. Tis just topped my list!

  31. Lindsay Carter says:

    I love this stroller !!

  32. Trisha Booth says:

    love it

  33. Ron Miller says:

    Missed the party, but I’m going to win one over @

  34. susy jimenez says:

    missed the party, I seen this in stores a few times and want one soo bad. I currently have 2 strollers and either work efficiently. I would love an opportunity to win a well put together stroller.

  35. Anna misener says:

    This looks like a lot of fun.

  36. Jessica Mcgregor says:

    This sounds like a really awesome stroler. I would love for this to be our next stroller!

  37. Heather says:

    Love it!

  38. Kathy Gabe says:

    Love this I just had my baby and I need a stroler like this and love the color too :-)

  39. Bonnie says:

    I absolutely love this stroller. I just know my daughter would enjoy this when the new baby arrives. They are a family on the go!

  40. Crystal Litz says:

    I currently have a travel system stroller & it’s not easy to walk with b/c I am constantly kicking the wheels. This stroller would be so much better

  41. Enza K says:

    This is awesome! I hope I win!

  42. Sherry B says:

    My daughter has this stroller for her 1st baby. Second Grandbaby on the way. I would like to have for myself to use with second baby.

  43. Too bad I missed the party! We are in need of a new stroller.

  44. Sad I missed the party!

  45. Rachel H. says:

    What a great looking stroller!

  46. Heather Bain says:

    All features look great, I like the music option that would be great

  47. Devina says:

    I’m excited this stroller is awesome.

  48. Sandra S. says:

    Sounds awesome!I will be there, I like all the features!

  49. Sandra S. says:

    Just saw I missed the party, but hope I win this awesome stroller!

  50. Rachel Grills-Botelho says:

    Love the looks of this stroller

  51. Erin says:

    I would love to win this for a friend who is due in Feb. I know she would absolutely love it.

  52. Torie Peters says:

    Would love this stroller!! We are due in less than 5 weeks and this would be such a blessing! Thank you again!!

  53. tracey berthiaume says:

    would love this for my niece.

  54. Paula Benvin says:

    I had a Jeep Stroller for my son and daughter ! I loved it ! I would like to have one for my granddaughter !!!

  55. Michelle says:

    love the music feature!

  56. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    I love the look of this and it seems to be a handy size for my trunk

  57. [...] look forward to seeing you all there for the J is for Jeep Twitter Fitness Party @ 11AM-NOON CST on 8/7/12, where YOU can get fitness tips and enter to win a J is for Jeep jogging [...]

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