Kid Friendly Picnic

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Summer may be nearing its end, but there is still time to have a fun picnic with your kids! We have a few ideas for packing a family-friendly picnic that everyone can enjoy.

Picnic Tips and Ideas:

  1. Helping Hands – Have everyone in charge of at least one thing such as packing the blanket or napkins. This way even the smallest child can feel part of the picnic planing.
  2. Themes – Choose a theme such as a color, or shape, or animal. For example if you choose yellow as your theme,  you can include foods that are yellow (lemonade, cheese and crackers, etc.), play games that include yellow toys (frisbees, a yellow ball, etc.), dress in yellow or have yellow plates & napkins, etc.
  3. Games – Pick games that everyone can play whether that be hide and seek, a scavenger hunt, catch,  potato sack races or I’m going on a picnic ABC game. (First person says “I’m going on a picnic & I’m bringing _____ and they mention something starting with A. The next person says I’m going on a picnic & they have to repeat the A item that is being brought and add an item that starts with B. The next person has to Repeat the phrase with the A & B items & then add an item that begins with C.  See how far you can get through the alphabet doing this.)
  4. Relax – Allow some time to just rest and talk or for your children to play on their own minus portable electronics. There are many health benefits to being outside unplugged.

Do you have any fun picnic ideas to share?