Kids Saving Energy on Earth Day & Beyond

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It’s never too early to teach your child how to take care of the earth’s resources and Earth Day is the perfect time to start! There are so many easy ways that kids can contribute to taking care of our earth.

Simple tips for kids saving energy:

  1. Turn off lights – Make sure they turn off lights when leaving a room. If they are too small to reach the switch, have them ask a taller sibling or you to help them.
  2. Close doors – Be sure they know to always close doors to your home when the AC or heat is on and make sure they close the refrigerator door.
  3. Water – Be sure they don’t keep water running unnecessarily especially if it’s hot water!

We love the Kids Saving Energy site. It has games, tips and facts for kids who want to save energy. (We love the TV features of Tinker Bell showing kids how to save energy.)

What ways do you teach your children to save energy?

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