Kolcraft – #1 Crib Mattress Manufacturer

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Putting the final touches on the crib mattress

I just returned from a trip to our plant in North Carolina where we make our crib mattresses. After being there, I have a deeper appreciation for the love and dedication that goes into making a crib mattresses and why Kolcraft is the #1 crib mattress manufacturer.

I was fascinated by the precision of how the coils were made and how all the pieces were lovingly put together to make a quality crib mattress. After talking with some of the workers it was clear that they truly care about what they do because they know a precious baby will be sleeping on that mattresses.

After the crib mattresses are packaged they are moved to the shipping floor

My visit to the plant could not be at a more perfect time as I was able to see the crib mattresses stacked in storage before the orders were filled. It was pretty impressive and the crib mattresses don’t sit on the shelves long before they are shipped!

Crib mattresses ready to be shipped

I also had the opportunity to meet with our consumer service team. These dedicated ladies are the ones who answer consumer questions and comments. Whether you have a question about how to fold a stroller or what crib mattress is best for you, they are always ready to help with a smile! We talked about Kolcraft’s presence in social media and they had great ideas on how to better serve our consumers through social media. I left North Carolina happy that our consumers are in the  best of hands.

Kolcraft's consumer services team

If you aren’t familiar with our crib mattresses, check them out. I saw first-hand how much love goes into making them the best crib mattresses in the USA so your baby (and you!) can have a night of peaceful sleep.

4 Responses to “Kolcraft – #1 Crib Mattress Manufacturer”

  1. Renee Pendergrass September 30, 2010 at 2:31 pm #

    The traditional crib mattresses are made with chemically processed synthetic materials and then sprayed with fire retardent chemicals making them unsafe for newborns because of the toxic fumes they emit. SIDS related deaths have been linked to these types mattresses. A safer alternative would be an organic crib mattress that is made from 100% organic wool and cotton. These materials are natural fire retardants as well.

  2. admin October 1, 2010 at 1:36 pm #

    Dear Renee,
    Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We are very happy to know other manufacturers follow our blog and look to us for crib mattress information. Since 1946 Kolcraft has been the leading crib mattress manufacturer in the USA and we remain a leader today by offering consumers a variety of safe, firm, comfortable and affordable crib mattress options using innersprings, foam, natural and organic materials

    Since each one of our crib mattress components are rigorously tested and we use a select group of tested and certified materials we are confident in the safety of Kolcraft manufactured crib mattresses so we realize your general statement on our blog must not be directed at our products. We are proud to offer crib mattresses made with Oeko-Tex certified covers, USDA certified organic cotton, Oeko-Tex Certified latex foam, CertiPUR-US Certified soybean foam and heat-tempered durable innersprings from quality controlled steel. Not only that we have the resources and technology to go through over 28 different safety, compliance and durability tests for EACH mattress we make. Unfortunately, general and inaccurate statements such as the ones in your comment are unfounded and misleading to consumers. It is best to represent such statements with facts and we encourage you to look up the latest news on SIDS and some of the recent studies published. Honest and helpful information is what parents truly need to make an informed decision for their children. We hope every manufacturer will communicate honest and forthright information to new Moms and Dads in the future.

    Respectfully, Kolcraft

  3. Lisa Monahan November 11, 2010 at 5:20 pm #

    I interested in selling your probucts would like to know who I would be able to contact regarding this.
    Thank you,
    Lisa Monahan

  4. Best Baby Crib Review June 7, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    I’m impress and grateful for the honest information you posted with regard to manufacturing mattresses. We can’t deny the fact that synthetic mattresses are indeed perilous to the health of the newborns. I think Kolcraft uses safe materials and meets the standard required in manufacturing these stuffs.