Kolcraft Brownie Smackdown

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We take a break from our regular baby gear news to give you an inside glance to the activities that keep Kolcraft creative. Yesterday Kolcraft engineers, industrial designers, Fashion designers, marketers, and the IT department participated in a brownie smackdown. There were brownies with frosting, s’more brownies, Twix brownies, traditional brownies, walnut brownies and brownie sundaes! Brownies were anonymously placed on a table with a number. Participants were to sample each brownie and cast a secret vote. Votes were then tallied and a winner was declared!

The event in pictures:

The empty tin speaks for itself. Ron from IT (with help from his team member, Allen) won the brownie smackdown with his homemade brownie sundaes. Stay tuned for the next smackdown when Ron defends his title.