Kolcraft Joins March of Dimes Walk for Babies 2014

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Everything we do here at Kolcraft revolves around families, and making the highest quality products for a happy and healthy life. By asking parents their opinions, sending new product out to our wonderful Kolcraft Moms, and asking for reviews from all of you, we do everything in our power to bring a happy life to growing families. But no matter how great we try to make a product, there are some things that are not solved with testing and blog reviews. So our thinking was simple; why not extend our desire to give the best life to families outside of our office and rally around a cause that aims to do the same?

One of the issues we are not able to fix with a new stroller or crib mattress is premature birth, something that has touched many of us personally here at Kolcraft. So this year Kolcraft decided to partner with our local March of Dimes. With the help of our employees, we planned multiple fundraisers, including an ice cream social, bake sale, a cook out, an auction, and change collection buckets, splitting the company into teams for a little extra motivation.

Change Collection




On April 28th, Team Kolcraft joined many March of Dimes Chicago families as they marched for babies!



In the end, Team Kolcraft ended up raising $8.216.15! Did you participate in the March for Babies? Let us know! If you want to learn how to get involved with your local March of Dimes, you can visit their website. Find a cause you care about and get out there!

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One Response to “Kolcraft Joins March of Dimes Walk for Babies 2014”

  1. Sharon LaPlant May 6, 2014 at 1:57 pm #

    March of Dimes gives money to fund abortions. Not exactly baby friendly.