Kolcraft Takes A Hike

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Ranger Rick Welcomes the Hikers at Basecamp

Last Saturday Kolcraft participated in the National Wildlife Federation’s Hike & Seek event in Chicago. It was a cold day with light showers, but that didn’t keep us away! We met wonderful families who braved the cold to hike & seek. Along the hike they learned about nature, animals and climate as they stopped at the learning stations. At the end of the hike the children received their Junior Explorer badge, refueled on snacks and won prizes.

Besides meeting all these great families who truly saw the value of getting outdoors, we had the opportunity to meet Ranger Rick and visit with Bob the screech owl while learning all about him and his way of life.

If you live in Seattle, your Hike & Seek event is October 16th. There’s still time to sign up, so don’t miss this great opportunity to take a hike!

Bob the Screech Owl Who Stole Our Hearts