Learn Shapes With a Fun and Easy Ladybug Craft

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Who says crafts can’t be fun and educational?! Today, we’re combining a little math and play with a fun ladybug craft. Go through your house with your little artist to find circles to use for a body, head and spots. Ready? Now follow these easy steps and see how learning our shapes can also be cute and googly-eyed.

For our ladybug, the Kolcraft kids used a paper plate, water bottle cap and a paper cup. Feel free to improvise on your own!

  1. Using red construction paper, trace your circular object that will become the body of your ladybug.
  2. Trace a smaller circle onto black construction paper for the head
  3. For your ladybug’s spots, either trace your circle directly onto the body or cut them out on the extra black construction paper
  4. Glue the head and spots into place, adding some googly-eyes to the head
  5. Cut out some strips on the black construction paper for six little legs

What other things crafts can you do to teach different shapes? Let us know on here, Facebook or Twitter!

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