Looking For Indoor Fun?

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By this point in the summer, you may feel as though you have tried everything to keep your kids busy and make sure that they are also having fun! You probably have taken them to camps, the zoo, the pool, etc. Here are some apps that are great for when your kids need to be cooled off in the air conditioning! They are all educational and fun at the same time!

Shape Arts
Pick one of hundreds of weird shapes, such as something that might look like a bird with a long beak. Your task is to fill in the big shape with smaller, simple shapes such as pink triangles, green rectangles and green squares. If you need to, you can rotate the small shapes to make them fit. Do it correctly, and the shapes make a satisfying popping sound.

Trash Toys
A workshop where a variety of odds and ends can be assembled to make a brand new toy. Spray-paint cans let you customize your toy’s base, while drawers full of knick-knacks provide materials for adding eyes, limbs, hair and more! It helps teach your kids how important the environment is, while having fun!

What is your favorite app this summer? Comment below, we want to hear!

(All of these apps can be purchased on the iTunes app store, Google Play, Amazon.com or BN.com.)

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